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something about the way you looked at me,
made me think for a moment
that maybe we were meant to be
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The Mockingjay Lives! Watch the EXCLUSIVE #OurLeaderTheMockingjay Teaser Trailer now!

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83. One muggle born student figured out how to sneak pens and pencils into class by just taping owl feathers to the ends of them.

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LOL brilliant 

he straight up just WALKED through that shit

this is possibly the best play I have ever seen before in my life.

best play ever.

I have to reblog this again. I laughed for like ten mins in class about it.

The other team is so confused by him walking it takes them a minute to react thats brilliant

I don’t care if this doesn’t fit my blog. This is perfect.

Smooth criminal

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Clint told him to do it for the vine

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I feel like this moment is actually really important. Look at Alison’s face. Look at her eyes. She was just buried alive by her own mother. You’d think she would look scared or have some sort of emotion. But no. She looks so empty. She looks so numb. I don’t think Alison was taught how to love or how to feel any real emotion. I don’t think she understood how because her family didn’t show her that they loved her. And then her mother buries her alive and leaves her there. I know it’s just a show and most of this stuff might not happen to real people, but this is a 15 year old Alison DiLaurentis. She was fucking 15 years old and she got buried alive by her mother. And I’m not excusing Alison’s actions because of this, she was a horrible person. But she’s been punished thoroughly for her actions. She got tormented by A, hit in the head with a rock, buried alive by her own mother, encouraged by Mona to leave everything behind. She’s been living in fear for the past 2 or 3 years, jumping at every little sound because she thinks A has come to finish what they started. I feel bad for her. I think she deserves another chance to prove herself. I don’t even know where I was going with this.. I just wanted to get that out.

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Once Upon a Time Cast at Comic Con 2012

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studies show that tatiana maslany is not a real person, but instead a physical manifestation of all the light and rainbows in the world

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