Fucking cute.

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Is there a word for total screaming genius that sounds modest and a tiny bit sexy? Because that would describe you perfectly.

See more Doctor Who pick up lines [here].

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I’ve seen your face under every sky, over every border and on every line. You know my heart more than I do. We were the greatest, me and you.

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"You never give up on family. Ever." – Dean Winchester


To celebrate a big number like 1,000 followers, you need something big in return, right? So why not tell the Winchester family’s story from pre-series up to first half of season 2, I say!

Thank you guys. For everything. This hellhoundsprey-thing makes me feel the completest I’ve felt in years. Your support means more to me than you probably think ♥.

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bringing back this amazing moment

#protective agent boyfriend mode activated

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Skye + impersonating FitzSimmons

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Eachothers girlfriend and boyfriend? 

Duh! They’re married. 

Is it me, or does Simmons look super intense, like she’s going “Bedroom time, sex-monkey” and Fitz is a little “Uhhh…” *gulp* “What?”

"Bedroom time, sex-monkey"

What are you trying to do to me?

Give you *waggles eyebrow*  ideas?  For your *nudge nudge* next fic?  Which you’re *plays footsie* currently writing?

#idek what i’m doing guys